Scone or Scone?

Scone or Scone?

Scone or Scone? 


Two words that are identical to read and have the exact same meaning. However, the pronunciation is completely different. One that rhymes with “gone” and the other “cone”. 


So which scone is the correct scone? 


It’s been a tricky debate for years and honestly, there’s no right or wrong answer. 

It’s seems as though the way you pronounce scone, has quite a lot to do with your geographical origins. 

Those who rhyme it with gone tend to live or have grown up in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England.

Whereas those who pronounce scone rhyming with cone, tend to predominate in southern Island and the midlands. The rest of the UK is a bit of a mix. 

It has been widely known that the scone (rhyming with cone) pronunciation is the more “posh” version, however this is not the case. 

According to British tea experts, Scone ( pronounced skon) is indeed the correct way to pronounce it, going so far as to claim this is the way the Queen and Royal family pronounce it.

 A YouGov survey in 2016 also revealed that most of the nation follows the queens way, with 51% of Britons pronouncing it ‘skon’ and 42% pronouncing scone to rhyme with ‘cone’.

So I suppose they are both right? And it’s completely up to you how you pronounce your Scone ☺️ ( you won’t get questioned at the British border, I promise you!) 


Ps. I pronounce scone the correct way 😉 

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